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Why We Test

After we have tested our new offices and generic office conversions we still have the need to test our offices on a routine basis or whenever a new service offering, class of service or new NPA-NXX is initiated.

As you remember with the RAO’s EHFs they will continue to grow and will not diminish unless the errors are fixed.   To eliminate the errors we are required to develop procedures that will design a process to Proactively Test new service offerings, code openings (NPA-NXX).   This is easily done with the help of your central office technicians, their staff along with the staff of marketing and maintenance engineers.

Frequency of Testing

We should test every time a new central office is established, a new generic is completed, Tandem Re-home, NPA Split or new service is offered to our customer.   We should develop a plan that would allow us the ability to test all offices that we are responsible for in the period of one year with the help of our PAT® Test system.

Statistical Testing

A means to insure the credibility of your switch is to make test calls using statistical selection and sampling of tests.  This would mean to test all codes in a central office may require 1500 test calls or just take a random sample of  about 15% OR 30% OF THE calls and if they have a failure rate of less than +/- 10% then no further testing is required.

Terminating Testing

Test calls are originated from a PAT® system in one LATA and routed through the Telephone Line PIC to a terminating test line in another LATA which is under your companies jurisdiction.  This test validates the Originating Routing, PIC/IC TGN to the TERMINATING IC PIC/TGN to the terminating test line.  This is a validation that insures proper sharing of revenues and that tariffs are being  administered by the IC/ISP.

Operator Services Testing

Due to the implementation of the CLECS and IP central office sharing, Operator Service Organizations have blossomed into the picture.  Everyone needs to test these service groups to insure correct routing and that the billing record is correct.  It is crucial to process calls through these services to check that terminating records are routed through correct terminating TGN’s where revenue sharing is in force. When in doubt test and compare, but let “PAT®” do the work!

Computer Security by Angus Kroll

Lets Talk Testing by Tom Mines

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