If a person were to write a document that revealed all of the secrets of the universe but was filled with a multitude of spelling errors and grammar that would make a first grader cringe, how much credibility would it really have? The acceptance and down playing of switch errors invites a lack of professionalism that can permeate through to the errors that do directly affect revenue.

So, when is a switch error not an error?  Never.

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Lets Talk Testing by Tom Mines

The PAT® system was developed as the workhorse of the AMA certification team.

Listed below are a few of the processes where PAT® is available to assist your team.

New Office Conversions and Generic Office Conversions.

The growth of our networks is due to population growth, service offerings, economy and other factors that require the need for new switching central offices or an upgrade to a new technology switch to replace existing services.

The application and growth of new switches identify the need to “pretest” your switch to insure the recording capability of the switch, which will insure proper billing to the customers.

New offices and Generic Updates have to be certified that they will be able to record AMA records for all services and features necessary to continue the high quality of service that is offered to your customers.  This is only accomplished by developing testing requirements that will insure your needs.

The switch installer/vendor at the time of “turnover” must have established tests and requirements that validate all calls are completed and that the switch has produced a record for each call.   Often these tests are minimal and are not sufficient to meet what should be your requirements as described below.

Test Calls and Requirements:


                 POTS --- Plain Old Telephone Service


TFP --- Toll Fraud/ Inmate Restricted Services

                 WATS --- Wide Area Telephone Service

                 Centrex/BRCS Business Office Services

                 IC Restricted or Direct services

FGA Originating and Terminating

FGB Originating and Terminating

FGD IC Services

ISDN Services

AMA Collection via Tape and Teleprocessing

AMA Certification by the RAO

LNP --- Local Number Portability

SS7 and SS7 Database Services

7 digit local calls

                                  1+ 10 digit Intralata

1 + 10 digit Interlata

1+800 calls

1+900 calls

1+700 calls

0 – Local Operator

00- IC Operator and IC Services

0+ Operator Calls

                                  Credit card

                                  Third Party




01 + IDDD (International Direct Distance Dialing)                           Operator Assisted

011 + IDDD Direct Dialed

411 Directory Services

555 – 1212 Directory services

Mass Calling

911 & E911 Services

611 Repair and Service Codes (311, 320etc.)

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When is an error not an error by Glenn E Ross

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