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telecom revenue assurance

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"TRI sees call testing vendors as uniquely positioned to address the revenue assurance market.  Companies like the Board Room are already helping telecommunications companies to assure that calls go through.  So this puts them in a leadership position for assuring that call records also make it onto a customer's bill - and a telco's bottom line.   The Board Room has taken this idea and run with it - offering a lightweight solution that helps telecoms to quickly locate and repair revenue problems."

 -- Dr. Lorien Pratt, Senior Analyst, Technology Research Institute (TRI).

PAT is designed to provide you with an easy

 to use solution for verifying switch accuracy.

Some telecom industry analysts estimate that revenue leakage can account for as much as 15% of call revenue.  Since 1991 the PAT System has been providing companies with a means of testing and verifying switch data right from their desktops.  The PAT software is installed on the customerís premises using a Windows based PC.  The PAT hardware is located in the central office and can be accessed remotely by the software. 

Included in the PAT software is the ability to setup restricted users that can access the system via a browser.  These users will not have the ability to edit any tables, but they can setup, initiate and report on various tests.  This feature allows for various groups within an organization to use the PAT system to meet their individual agendas.

With PAT you have the necessary tools at your fingertips to ensure your switch is billing and routing correctly.


Switch Certification:

Validating that calls generated at the switch write a proper AMA record.

Access Service Requests:

Testing for the purpose of verifying call completion, routing, and call detail recording based on requests from internal organizations and other carriers.

 Trunk Group Testing:

Generating calls that will establish a trunk groups current disposition.

CIC Verification:

Testing to ensure that new CIC codes are open and ready to handle traffic.

Provisioning Assurance:

Testing to see that deactivated phone numbers are truly disconnected.

telecom revenue assurance