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The PAT MultiDialer is designed for quick, efficient, high-volume calling. It is ideal for thoroughly verifying a new switch installation. Throughput can reach 3,200 test calls per hour.


10 originating lines dial simultaneously

120 total originating lines

All test data are uploaded to the PAT System 12 for off-line operation

Firmware is upgraded automatically

Detects call progress tones

Detects standard milliwatt tone

Detects error tones

Detects voice and can play a recorded message

Detects other tones

Single modem for communication

Single secure line for monitoring calls

The PAT System 12 Multidialer is ideal for thoroughly verifying a new switch installation. With 10 originating lines dialing simultaneously, throughput can reach 3,200 test calls per hour. The 11-slot, rack-mount chassis occupies 12 vertical inches and fits in a standard 23-inch bay; adapters are supplied for 19-inch bays.

The PAT System 12 is accessible through the PAT System 12 router board from a PC running PAT System software and equipped with a modem. The unit is also equipped with an RS232C interface for connection to an external computer.

Each PAT System 12 CPU card features 12 originating lines and a single-milliwatt terminating line. The CPU uses DSP technology to detect SIT, call-progress, and various other test-circuit tones. The unit can also detect the presence of speech and play back a digitally recorded message. Each connected line is checked for tip and ring reversals.

The milliwatt termination line on each CPU generates the 1004-Hz tone most used for testing and is required to verify routing and billing on intra-office codes, since most switches normally do not bill for intra-office calls to tone trunks.

The PAT System 12 operates off the 48vdc central office supply. Other external power supplies also are available.

The single monitor line allows the user making calls from a remote location to "listen in" on the calls as they are completed. The router board enables the user to select which CPU card to monitor. The monitor line is secure and cannot be used for two-way communication.


telecom revenue assurance