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telecom revenue assurance


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revenue assurance

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Telecom Analysts estimate that between 2% and 10% of potential revenue is lost every year due to revenue leakage. One area of concern that is often overlooked is the Switch in the Central Office.  Since all billing starts with Call Detail Records (CDR) created at the switch, a company must never underestimate the importance it has to its bottom line.

PAT Starts at Under $11,000

In response to industry demand, The Board Room has designed a Revenue Assurance System called PAT (Proactive AMA Test) to verify the accuracy of CDRs.  The PAT Revenue Assurance system can identify missing or inaccurate AMA as well as problems with call routing. It is designed for use by small and large telecommunications companies worldwide. 

PAT is so effective at finding revenue leakage that it is currently standard operating environment in thousands of switches nationwide.

telecom revenue assurance

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